Tales of a reluctant Snap-Chatter.

For a few weeks now, I have been quite the ardent fan of Snapchat. Like most, I am mildly addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most other social networks.

This is not by any means a complaint of receiving any snaps that were TMI (too much information & yes, I use acronyms). I have not been subjected any unwarranted nude images. Those would have been welcome, if only to shock me out of the monotonous nature that is my existence. Maybe it would have given me a much more interesting story for the parties which I refuse to attend (due to the lack of interesting stories to tell when in attendance, yes, it’s a vicious cycle).

No, my experiences have been to the other extreme, they have been tedious ‘snaps’ from my social circle.

It’s essentially been a tirade of selfies, that always look identical to the last (same individuals, similar articles of clothing as the trends have demanded, same stylised make up, yes, I including and not limited to the same sculpted eyebrows I have been guilty of sporting on my IG pictures).

If by some grace, I have been lucky to not receive selfies, then I have received floods of images of food which does not look appetising in the least but, rather looked inedible quite frankly.

I have also endured mundane experiences that my ‘loved ones’ have insisted on sharing with me, for instance, an average sunset or sunrise, a blurry image of nothing spectacular, a less than impressive image of them working out…I’d continue, but I think you’re beginning to catch my drift.

I soon realised, despite loving social media, I had to draw the line somewhere.

Finally, I decided, Snapchat just isn’t for me, either that, or my group of friends just aren’t for me.

You can see why I chose to give snapchat the boot. It’s too much of an effort to get a new interesting group of friends. It easier to just take a few steps away from the less fascinating aspects of their lives.

The voyeuristic nature of social media has really taken a turn of the worst in this unadulterated sharing.

It has been an exhausting experience.

Maybe now I can finally have the time I always needed to start that new hobby. Or maybe I’ll just find another app to take up more of my time…


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