Dude, where’s my car?

The Background story



It’s fair to say I live in the *slightly better part* of a very bad neighbourhood and occasionally bad things will happen. As we all know, such is life.

So a few days ago, somebody broke into the car which was parked on the driveway. We notified the police straightaway. We went through the motions, filing a report just in case, but not actually expecting justice to be served.

This morning was like any other. I woke up early, got ready for uni, skipped breakfast as I was already running late… I raced out of the house, already distracted by the long list of errands I’d have to complete and to my dismay I’m greeted by an empty space.

You can imagine the shock to my system. I panic. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CAR?!?!

I walk into the empty space, hoping that my mind was indeed playing tricks on me, or that maybe there’s an invisibility cloak over the car but of course there isn’t.

My panic attack was only getting worse… This is the worst day of my entire life I thought out loud.

Then my sister came to the front door to deliver the best news I’d hear all day

She reminds me that the car is parked

wait for it..



Excited as I may be that the car has in fact NOT been stolen.

Maybe it’s time I should consider relocating to a safer neighbourhood. Where my time will not be spent stressing over the next burglary or if my car will still be on the driveway in the morning.



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